The fishing tonw of Cambados is situated in the middle of the Rías Bajas, right in the heart of O Salnés (Spain). The council has an extension of 23.5 square kilometres and its population is close to 14,000. It has a privileged situation in the Comarca do Salnés, characterized by a low and sandy bay, and protected from the southwest winds by the O Grove peninsula and the A Lanzada isthmus.
Cambados has three fishing ports and during the summer sea routes are organised, visiting shellfish shoals and getting to know the nets, floats, lines and habits of the fishermen. Besides, the town has a marina with the comforts that are needed to practise water sports. During the summer, “A Escola de Vela” (Sailing school) will help the visitors to take their first steps in sailing.
Cambados was recognised as “B.I.C” or “Ben de Interés Cultural” in November 2001, which is the greatest category in Galicia regarding the protection and preservation of the monumental and cultural heritage.

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